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EasyPro Waterfall Formal Kits

Formal Waterfall Kits

Item #:FWK23P
Item #:FWK23

These kits will be an instant attraction in any setting when used along with a wall block of your choice. Available in two styles, as a waterfall into pondless style basin or waterfall into small, above ground pool. Either way creates a beautiful feature in a small area.

Both kits include:

  • 45 mil rubber liner
  • Underlayment fabric
  • Mag drive pump - 2200 gph with three year warranty
  • 23" waterfall diffuser (UWD23)
  • Copper lip (UWD23C)

Pondless style also includes:

  • Flex pipe and fittings Pondless Style Pump vault (JAFM)
  • Eight Res-Cubes (JAFRC)

Add LED light strip for dazzling light display (see related products below)

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