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EasyPro Pro-Series Just-A-Falls Kits

EasyPro Pro-Series Just-A-Falls Kits

EasyPro Pro-Series Just-A-Falls Kits
Item #:   JAF8W
Manufactures Part Number:   JAF8W
Item #:   JAF16W
Manufactures Part Number:   JAF8W
Item #:   JAF24W
Manufactures Part Number:   JAF24W
Item #:   JAF28W
Manufactures Part Number:   JAF28W

Easily build a beautiful waterfall without the maintenance of a pond Ideal for businesses and home owners who want the sights and sounds of a waterfall but do not want the liability or maintenance associated with a pond. More options and features are available with EasyPro Just-A-Falls kits and components. Truly innovative spillways take building waterfalls to a new level.

Complete kits for building beautiful waterfalls and streams includes:

Recommended Accessories:

Part#DescriptionStream Liner SizeLiner SizeVaultFlex PipePump IncludedRes-CubesWeight
JAF8WJust-A-Falls Kit - 8 ft. Stream7' x 10'10' x 10'JAFM1 1/4" x 25'EP22003149 lbs.
JAF16WJust-A-Falls Kit - 16 ft. Stream7' x 20'10' x 12'JAFM2" x 25'TH2505199 lbs.
JAF24WJust-A-Falls Kit - 24 ft. Stream8' x 30'12' x 15'JAFM2" x 50'TH4007338 lbs.
JAF28WJust-A-Falls Kit - 28 ft. Stream10' x 33'15' x 15'JAFM2" x 50'TH7507 + 7 Half Cudes473 lbs.

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