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DreamPond Show Tanks

DreamPond Show Tanks

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DreamPond Show Tanks
Item #:   ST6V2
Item #:   NC060

DreamPond show and transport tanks are made from a high quality blue .60mm UV resistant PVC liner designed to contain your champ with the utmost safety and care.

The keenly designed frames used in DreamPond tanks are made up of a high quality PVC plastic. DreamPond deliberately designed their tanks with a high quality PVC, because no metal means three very significant things, no rust, the ability to conform properly to water weight, and last but not least NO TOOLS required for an easy set up.

DreamPond tanks can be used for many purposes whether it be going to a show, transporting fish, quarantining Koi, or even as a temporary shelter for your Koi for those long summers redesigning or constructing your pond.

DreamPond tanks are available in three different sizes 6ft, 8ft, and 10ft diameter, 30 inches depth and are offered with a cover net and carry bag.

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