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Airmax SilentAir CompressorsAirmax SilentAir CompressorsAirmax SilentAir CompressorsAirmax SilentAir Compressors
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Airmax® SilentAir™ SW Series Aeration Compressors are designed to be either a direct replacement for Airmax® SW Aeration Systems or the powerhouse behind your own shallow pond or lake aeration project.

Consisting of an extremely energy efficient electric motor and long lasting rubber diaphragms, these aeration compressors are capable of aerating ponds up to 1/2 acre at 8 feet deep with energy costs as low as $2.52 per month.

SilentAir™ SW20

  • 120V / 60Hz
  • 50 Watts
  • 6 Foot Max Depth
  • 2.5 CFM Air Flow

SilentAir™ SW40

  • 120V / 60Hz
  • 100 Watts
  • 8 Foot Max Depth
  • 4.9 CFM Air Flow

Airmax Aeration Maintenance Kits contain the parts you need to restore your system to it's maximum potential. Kits should typically be installed 6-12 months depending on operating depth. Maximize the life of your Airmax Aeration System by maintaining your air filter. The durable media can be cleaned periodically for light debris. Replace every 3-6 months for maximum system performance and longevity.

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