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Airmax EasySet Self-Weighted Airline

Airmax EasySet Self-Weighted AirlineAirmax EasySet Self-Weighted AirlineAirmax EasySet Self-Weighted Airline
Item #:   510218
Manufactures Part Number:   510218
Item #:   510130
Item #:   510118
Manufactures Part Number:   510118
Item #:   510119
Manufactures Part Number:   510119
Item #:   510169

Designed for underwater applications, Airmax® EasySet™ Weighted Airline rests on the bottom of your pond and is guaranteed not float even when filled with air. With a thick-wall and lead-free construction, EasySet™ Weighted Airline creates a durable, fish-safe, kink-free and puncture resistant airline for years of continuous use.

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