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5/8-in. Self-Weighted Air Tubing

5/8-in. Self-Weighted Air Tubing
Item #:   L6PVC
Item #:   L6PVC1
Item #:   L6PVCR

Our 5/8-inch self-weighted tubing eliminates the need for weights or external anchors. Connect the Self-Weighted Air Tubing to your air-diffusers or air stones and everything will sink into place on it's own. Installing your aeration diffusers has never been easier.

Self-Weighted Air Tubing rests on the bottom out of the way and the black color makes it invisible from the surface so your pondscape stays natural. This tubing is more supple than most self-sinking lines so it is easier to unroll and work with.

The tubing sinks to the bottom on it's own so you don't need to tie bricks or weights to make the tubing sink out of sight like standard PVC tubing which floats when filled with air. Self-Weighted Air Tubing is constructed of a high-density flexible PVC composite which allows it to be handled and installed easily and the rapid sinking properties make Self-Weighted Air Tubing an excellent choice to make aeration installations quick and easy.

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