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Weatherproof Cabinet

Weatherproof CabinetWeatherproof Cabinet
Item #:SC25
Item #:SC25F1
Item #:SC25F
Weather Proof Cabinet Instructions

This roto-molded polyethylene cabinet is an ideal alternative to the steel cabinet. Designed to hold air compressors up to the RV33 (1/4 HP rotary vane) in size. The small foot print makes it easy to hide!

  •  Ideal for housing all linear compressors, DC22 (PA10), DC12 (PA12), SRC25 (PA34), SRC50 (PA66) and RV33 (PA50)
  • Roto-molded in a tan color which blends well into existing landscape
  • Built in louvers allow fresh air into cabinet, an optional cooling fan is recommended for large compressors or in hot locations, fan comes installed in opposite hole with louver
  • Cabinet size: 15-in. X 25-in. X 15-in.H

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